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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some pairs on the Netherlands team in the Bermuda Bowl semi-finals use the BOLO defense to could-be-short minor suit openings by the opponents.

In preparing some notes for the event, I took over a week to come up with Hands Bolo "use the force" - the Star Wars defense to the Netherlands BOLO method. Key was to make the method relatively straight-forward while covering hand types wanting to bid.

The main problem bids in BOLO were the two-way 1m-1S and 1m-3H overcalls.

1m-1S shows either 5 or longer Hs OR weak with 4Ss and a longer minor. The problem here was how to introduce hands with either of the majors.

1m-3H was a preempt in either major. The problem here was how to investigate major suit fits, albeit narrowly, while staying below 3NT.

Here's what I came up with:

After 1m-1H, where 1H shows Spades or 4Hs+minor:
Double=4+Hs (as if you have shown Hs in your methods) - may also have 4Ss
1S=4+Ss (as if you have shown Ss in your methods)
Rest: as if the opponents had overcalled a natural 1S - so NT bids have S stoppers!

After 1m-1S, where 1S shows Hearts or 4Ss+minor - this is the tricky one:
Double=4+Ss (as if you have shown Ss in your methods)
1NT: 7 to 10 and no other good bid - may have 4Hs! - 2D now asks for description with 2S showing no H stopper
2C: Hearts, 4+Hs, forcing - if has 5+Hs then game forcing values.
-- Over 2C, 2S is a cuebid and establishes game force, 2D is waiting, non-forcing.
-- After 2C-2D(waiting), 2H shows 5+Hs game force, 2S shows 4Hs, game force, 2NT and 3m non-forcing.
2D: Diamonds, game invite or better.
2H: 5+Hs, game invite or less values, non-forcing.
2S: Clubs, game invite or better.
2NT: Game invite, somewhat balanced, no four card major, has H stopper.
3m: Long minor, less than game invite values.
3NT: To play, no four card major, has H stopper.

After 1m-2/3H, where 2H/3H shows long Hs or long Ss - this is the other tricky one:
Double=4+Hs OR 4Ss. Opener passes if 4+Hs, or bids cheapest S bid, forcing, to ask for 4Ss.
Cheapest H bid: Short Hs, may have 4Ss, game forcing.
Rest: as if the opponents overcalled natural long Hs.

Later auctions that involve "Pass or Correct" by advancer:
If advancer (partner of overcaller) makes a "pass or correct" bid, doubles by opener shows values and no other good bid - this is passable with length. Doubles by responder are penalty.