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Friday, April 27, 2007

The NFL draft is tomorrow so here's a coaching story. Tee Walsh (perhaps a relation of Bill Walsh) had invented the South Coast offence, an integrated running/passing approach that took the run n' gun style to a new level. However when Walsh became head coach of the LA Terminators, he inherited a starting quarterback who was a low percentage passer with a big guaranteed contract, so the South Coast could not work there. So he installed a new Hollywood offence, taking advantage of his world class speed smurf receivers and an offensive line right out of Sumo wrestling school. This got Walsh's team to the Super Bowl, where they played the Toronto Beavers. Now the Toronto team used the South Coast offence, with some northern tweaks, and they proceeded to run up a 30 point lead on Walsh's team. At this point, sideline reporter Avril Lavigne stuck a microphone into Walsh's face and said "how cool aint it that you invented their South Coast offence, eh?"

Sadly, there was no microphone malfunction at this point, so that was the end of sideline interviews in NFL games.


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