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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A-BOMBS Club system is now up

It is like Precision, but has four key advantages:
- Instead of one diamond being nebulous, it is 4+Ds natural
- One club has a weak possibility, so the opponents can't jam the opening as much
- Two clubs only has a four card major if 11-13 - a style I liked from San Diego Precision
- It has a "free" 2D opening - it is used as a weak two in the notes but one can use it other ways.

It does have 14-16 with a 4 card major and 4+Cs opening 1H or 1S - this means responder can't bounce to 4M if just 3 in M - however while that works on a bunch of hands bouncing takes away 3NT as a contract, and often 5-3 major fits have a better landing there.

SOB Club would be niftier to play, but this system is far easier to learn and handle.


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