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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A great site to see links to the latest on bridge is Claire Martel's What's new?:

Here there are links to such things as:

Strong Diamond System by Noble Shore and Mike Gill
Danny Kleinman Bridge site (then check out his bidding and conventions section)
A complete system based on the French System Majeure by Geoffrey Ostrin (this really is complete - over 200 pages!)
Polish Club Manchester Style by David Collier
Sistema di Fulvio Fantoni in italian on Infobridge (use Google translate to view in English)
Bacon Torpedo Bridge bidding system developed at Durham University (including schemes for a singleton beer card)

If it is out there on the Internet about bridge, Claire Martel finds it!


  • At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Claire Martel said…

    Thanks for quoting my site. It's hard work but all rewarding if you fond it useful


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