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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some more new articles on the site:
- 6MIA, TIM, and Mazzilli
- ETM A, a 4 page example system to show how the latest ETM methods can be worked into a system

If you study the ETM plug-n-play systems you will see different major suit raise packages for the major suit openings. This is not because one (the last) is better than the others, but instead the variety is provided to show some of the options that one can select in putting together your own system.

ETM Gold Premium is now available on the site in the complete form - all 259 pages in 10 point font, so there is an overwhelming amount of detail in these notes, albeit with a ton of useful stuff that can be incorporated into your own system.

If you do create your own system, send me a private copy of the notes to look at, if you can, as I love bridge bidding systems, if you haven't guessed that already by looking at this site!


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