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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here's another snapshot design, blending elements of SOB and A-BOMBS:

1C: 17+ any OR 11-13 4Ss balanced with fewer than 4Hs
1D: 10/11-16, 4+Ds, can have 4Ds & 5Cs
1H: 10/11-16, 4+Hs, can be balanced 11-13 with 4Hs
1S: 10/11-16, 5+Ss
1NT: 13/14-16 balanced. 13 with 5Cs opens 1NT.
2C: 10/11-16 5+Cs, only a 4 card major when 11-13
2D: Multi, weak two in either major
2H: Both majors, weak
2S: 4S, 5+Cs, 14-16

In this case one has 1C-1D--1H available as Kokish (17+ Hs or big balanced). Btw Kokish likes Kokish to be called Birthright but this would not be namedright imo - something like HOBBI (hearts or big balanced integrated) could have worked at the start but now it will always be relayed as Kokish, as it should be.


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