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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here's another snapshot design with the Weak Diamond or Big Club, this time with five card majors:
1C: 17+ any or 11-13 Ds & no four card major
-- as in last post
1D: 15-16 balanced OR 11-16 with a four card major, can be balanced only if 14
1H/S: 5 or longer major, 10-16
1NT: 11/12-14 balanced, no 4 card major if 14
2C: 5+Cs, no 4 card major, 10/11-16
2D: 5+Ds, no 4 card major, 13/14-16
2H/S: weak two
2NT: 10-12 5-5+ in minors - open 2D if 13


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