Friday, August 12, 2005

Captains are organizing practise matches online - we will post a schedule as we become aware of the matches.

Canada is doing well at he 10th World Youth Team Championships in Sydney, Australia - currently in a semi-final qualifying spot. See:

Coach Eric Kokish has helped prepare this team well, including the Grainger-Lavee use of the Nightmare system.

Started a thread on the excellent Demuy-Wolpert system at:

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Canada in 05

Welcome to the blog that follows the Canadian teams getting ready for the World Championships in Portugual. Here's where things are at:

The partnerships are finishing up their WBF convention cards for the August 15th deadline.

For the Open team:
George & Arno have been working with Erick Kokish to tone up their system.
Allan is at a Buddhist retreat (perhaps the Abbott is there too!)
Joey is doing lots of commentating for the BBO coverage of the 10th World Youth Team Championship (Next!) and playing some online poker.
John got another International Bridge Press Association bulletin out
Boris is helping look for a sponsor.
Mike, the NPC, is in Edmonton for a few days.

There will be no coaching weekend, where Eric K. works with the teams - schedules were too conflicting - instead matches will be played on BBO, with Eric analyzing the hands. Also Eric is already working with some of partnerships to assist them in getting ready.

Next week: Bill Gates in Atlanta pictures and more!