Sunday, October 30, 2005

Aces are Not Meant for Taking Tricks?

Round 17, which was a disastrous set for the Candian Seniors and effectively ended their chances of making the playoffs still contained a beautiful partscore hand with an outstanding end position.

S: AJ865
H: A75
D: K
C: K832

West ___________ East
S: KT ___________ S: Q973
H: KJ954 ________ H: 32
D: Q982 _________ D: J4
C: Q7 ___________ C: AT964

S: 42
H: QT8
D: AT7653
C: J5

With None vulnerable and South the dealer, the following auction occurred:
P = 1H = 1S = 1N
All pass.

The D6 was led to the K and the S5 returned to the T. Declarer now played CQ covered and won in hand, realizing that his communication was now severely compromised. Declarer exited with the DJ to S who accurately played a spade to North's A and a club return to South's J left the following position:

S: J86
H: A75
D: -
C: 83

West ___________ East
S: - ____________ S: Q9
H: KJ954 ________ H: 32
D: Q9 ___________ D:
C: - _____________ C: 964

S: -
H: QT8
D: T765
C: -

The defense had 3 tricks in to declarer's 3 and thus needed the majority of the remainder. South accurately returned a diamond giving declarer a free finesse and 2 more diamond tricks. The HK (best play) was now led and ducked by North to avoid an end play) giving declarer his sixth trick. The HJ was now led and again ducked by N allowing E to to win the Q. At this point a diamond return allows N to jettison the HA and declarer must return a H to South's 10 who can cash diamonds for down 1. A beautiful ending in which the HA is ducked twice and then jettisoned to beat the contract.


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