Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Final Picks

The complete Butlers for the Bermuda Bowl semi-finals have not been posted yet, but they will be at:

Only one Italian pair, Lauria-Versace, is finding their form. They also have a 20 IMPs disadvantage due to the USA 1 carry-over from the round robin slaughter . Hamman and Soloway are in fine form, and while Meckwell have struggled a little bit at times, they are super dangerous going down the stretch. So the call should be USA 1. Yet my gut feel is that the Italians, especially Fanunes, will finally rise to the occasion, and find the pizzazz to win to it.

Here are the complete Butlers for the semi-finals of the Venice Cup:

Not a big surprise here - both Germany and France are doing well. This will be a very close match, and the 16 IMPs carry-over advantage wins it for France.

The Butlers are also ready for the Seniors semi-finals:

Lasut and Manoppo are running well, and it's their time -> Indonesia wins a tough battle against Rose and the boys, who start with a whole one IMP carry-over.


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