Saturday, October 29, 2005

Guesses for the Quarter-Finals

Here are my guesses - for entertainment value only (do not bet on them!)

Bermuda Bowl

A) Italy vs. India (+2.3 IMPs)

Lorenzo LAURIA and Alfredo VERSACE were arguing the weekend before the Bermuda Bowl.
Norberto BOCCHI and Giorgio DUBOIN were arguing after this board against Canada:

10 ___ J6
East _ AQ98742
All __ Q9
_____ 98
107542 ______K983
63 _________ ---
AJ42 _______ K10763
K2 ____ ____ Q543
_____ AQ
_____ KJ105
_____ 85
_____ AJT76

South opened 1C, North bid 4C (not described on their cc) but presumably he thought it was a transfer in Hs. South bid 5C to play and that was -300 and -14 IMPs.
After this there was the bloodbath against US 1. So the Italians can get flustered and out of their A game. However India is not the team to fluster them. Italy wins.

B) USA 1 (+9 IMPs) vs. Brazil
USA 1 is older and not as swift as they once were. However their will to win is stronger than ever, and Brazil is no match for them.

C) USA 2 vs. Argentina (+4)
UberMeckwell, HAMPSON-GRECO are unstoppable.

D) Egypt vs. Sweden (+16)
Egypt has relied a lot on 2 partnerships, with 3 superstar players. At some point they will get tired but not yet.

Venice Cup

A) France (15.5) is likely to take it but we will support Canada

B) The Netherlands does not have a dike that can stop the tide of China (16)

C) SMITH-DHONDY vs. AUKEN-VonARNIM - England (3.7) will not find it a cup of tea, but will squeak by Germany

D) USA 1 (9 IMPs) vs. USA 2 - Team America - Rosenberg/Levin/Stansby - with names like that you can't lose, at least not yet.

Seniors Bowl

A) USA 1 (+11) vs France - Rose's team is the team to beat.

B) Indonesia (+16) vs Portugal - Indonesia over the host country.

C) USA 2 (+16) vs. Netherlands - All stars win for USA.

D) Denmark (+16) vs. Israel - Danish victory here.


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