Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hampco vs. Meckwell

Greco-Hampson are playing a very close version of Meckwell Precision, and both pairs were sitting EW for the final segment of the semi-final. On board 2 we had a chance to see how style or judgement can make the difference, as opposed to system
2 ____ K854
West _ J975
NS __ T97
_____ 84
73 ________ QJ962
K _________ Q42
AKQJ65_____ 4
QJ65 ______ AK93
_____ AT
_____ AT863
_____ 832
_____ T72

Both Easts, Greco and Meckstroth opened 1S, and both their partners responded 2D, 2/1 Game Force. Now both Easts rebid 2NT. Rodwell, West at one table, raised to 3NT and there was no way to beat the contract, and it turned out that declarer made five, +460. At the other table, Hampson, West, rebid 3C with a 6-4 shapely hand. East raised to 4C, and they ended in 5C, off 3 top tricks for -50 and 11 IMPS to USA 1. Same system, but different choices.


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