Saturday, October 29, 2005

Looking at the Butler Scores

The final Butler scores are up at:

These scores compare each pair by matching their result with the result of each other pair who was playing at the same time. Thus it is not dependent on their teammates, except for this one exception: Teams tend to play their best pairs in the tougher matches, so some pairs have worse scoring due to facing tough opposition all the time, while others have inflated scores from easier opponents. That said, the Butler scores are still a reasonable measure of performance of a pair.

Let's look at the top ten Bermuda Bowl (open) pairs:

1 0.56 Geoff HAMPSON - Eric GRECO USA 2
2 0.49 Waleed El AHMADI Egypt
3 0.47 Martin REID - Peter NEWELL New Zealand
4 0.46 Alfredo VERSACE - Lorenzo LAURIA Italy
5 0.43 Tarek SADEK Egypt
6 0.43 Fredrik NYSTROM - Peter BERTHEAU
7 0.40 Norberto BOCCHI - Giorgio DUBOIN Italy
8 0.40 Bachiraju SATYANARAYANA - Kiran NADAR India
9 0.38 Tony NUNN - Sartaj HANS Australia
10 0.36 Lixin YANG - Jianming DAI China
11 0.36 Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA - Yasuhiro SHIMIZU Japan

The Egypt pair is split into two entries (2 and 5), as they played briefly with others.

It is interesting that Hampson-Greco playing a version of the Meckwell system, finished first, while Meckwell finished 18th, even after they killed the Italians in the last round (for an IMPs per board score of 2.12).

Let's look at the Canadian performance, starting with the Bermuda Bowl:

41 0.01 Arno HOBART - George MITTELMAN Canada
43 0.00 John CARRUTHERS - Joseph SILVER Canada
52 -0.20 Allan GRAVES - Boris BARAN Canada

Two of the pairs were just about average, while the other one was negative, but not in a really big way.

The top five pairs in the Venice Cup are all great pairs:

1 0.84 Nicola SMITH - Heather DHONDY England
2 0.84 Vanessa REESS - Nathalie FREY France
3 0.80 Sylvie WILLARD - Benedicte CRONIER France
4 0.71 Sabine AUKEN - Daniela von ARNIM Germany
5 0.65 Joanna STANSBY - Debbie ROSENBERG USA 1


For Canada:

18 0.25 Francine CIMON - Linda LEE Canada
26 0.08 Beverly KRAFT - Dianna GORDON Canada
59 -0.35 Barb CLINTON - Joan EATON Canada

One quite above average pair, one above average pair, and one quite below average pair - however for the below average pair their results are quite mixed - some really good sets and some bad ones. Thus the team captain will have to consider that in deciding which pairs play when in the playoffs

The Seniors results are at:

Canada's three pairs:

35 0.02 Michael CUMMINGS - David LINDOP Canada
42 -0.03 John BOWMAN - Bill BOWMAN Canada
53 -0.20 Pierre DAIGNEAULT - Stephen BROWN Canada


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