Saturday, October 29, 2005

End of the Round Robin - The Women Pull it Out on the Last Board

The Canadian Women pulled out a spot in the quarterfinals on the last board of the event as the round robin drew to a close.

Needing to stay ahead of Austria for the eight and final playoff position the women fell behind early and were trailing 314 to 308 VPs for much of the final set as all of us watched the vugraph in the on-site auditorium. However the Austrians fell back and the Canadians pulled ahead 312 to 311 with 3 boards to go and the Austrians finished. By the last board the Women had again fallen back and trailed 311 to 308. However on the last board 3N= by our team and 3N-3 in the other room meant 14 imps and 4 victory points and the women were in to the quarters by 2 Victory Points.

Interestingly the last qualifying score in the Open and Senior Round Robin were right around 335 as expected, however in the Women's event 312 managed to qualify due to the very high scores put up by the top 7 women's team.

A new event starts tomorrow, so logon to the for the real-time scoring and watch the Women take on their tba quarterfinal opponents.

The Open and Senior teams finished out their runs earlier in the day with effectively no shot for the Seniors at the start of the day and the Open team finding themselves in a similar position after the first match. Watch their progress in the Transnational teams next week along with at least 2 more primarily Canadian teams:

The Captain's Team
Marc Lachapelle
Mike Gamble
David Willis
Vince Oddy
Mike Yuen
John Gowdy will be added if the Women fail to make the expected run to the Venice Cup Final

The Retek/Deri Team
George and Mari Retek
Tom and Eva Deri


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