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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stacy Jacob's blog and Publicity

Stacy Jacob's blog is always a fun read, mega-entertaining:

First you will notice that blogs with Wordpress blogging software have a lot better layout/visual appearance than blogs, like this one, from Goggle's  I have Wordpressing envy.

Next, in reading you will see that Stacy Jacob tells it like it is - she can be outspoken, which is how bloggers should be, like the better newspaper columnists.  She tells us news that others will be reluctant to impart, and she offers up viewpoints that others would prefer discussed behind closed doors.  Today she tackles the Buffet Cup, and "to have such a prestigious event receive so little advance publicity".  As usual she hits the nail on the head: "How's this good for bridge?" Well one thing I know: her blog is great for bridge!

Now if you click on the tabs at the top, you can go to the system notes part.  This is très cool. Now she would not be considered a bidding theorist, but in working with some of the top players in the game, she has posted a well defined system, including one of the best documents on Gazzilli, found in here:

Thinking of playing Gazzilli? - you should if you are playing a standard system in top tournaments - then these notes are a must read, just like the rest of her blog.


  • At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Stacy said…

    Thanks for the great review!

  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger Mrs. Young said…

    Hi Glen

    I really enjoy reading your blog -- it's nice that you give other bloggers kudos!

    If you really truly have wordpress envy, it isn't that difficult to switch over. In fact, it is insanely easy. (heck I helped do it for bridgeblogging, so there you go...if I can do it anyone can).



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