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Monday, September 01, 2008

French Standard usually has both 2C and 2D openings allocated to strong hand types (see two of the three pairs on the French Womens team for 08 - the other pair has 2D Multi, either weak two in a major or strong hand types). For the three French pairs of their 08 Open team, we don't see the 2D strong openings:

2C: Any GF, or Hs strong
2D: Multi: weak two in a major or 22-23 balanced or Ds strong or Ss strong or Hs long semi-strong
2H: weak, both majors NV, Hs & 4+ minor V
2S: weak, Ss & 4+ minor

2C: Any GF or 22+ balanced
2D, 2H: transfer preempts (2D=6+Hs, 2H=6+Ss)
2S: 5Ss, 6-10 (page 1 of their cc implies promises 5+ minor too)

In third:
2D: weak two in either major
2M: M+minor, weak

2C: GF or 22+ balanced
2D: Multi (Wagner), weak two in either major, no strong hand type
2H: 5+Hs & another 5+ suit, 5-10
2S: 5+Ss & 5+ minor, 5-10


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