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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Transfers over 1C in ACBL general convention chart events

Simply put, you have to modify a standard system too much to get transfers over 1C - the starting point is to make 1C 15+, which then has unbalanced Cs 11-14 moved to 2C, which then requires moving the standard 2C hands somewhere etc.

You can play half transfers under the General Convention Chart - say 1C is 1Cs or balanced 12-14 or 18-19, and now:

1D: transfer to Hs, 4+Hs, may have longer minor
-- 1H: 3Hs, less than 17
---- 2C: asks opener to bid 2D, then pass with D signoff, any other bid a game invite
---- 2D: artificial game force with Hs (or if all game forces go via 1C-1H, then natural, game invite)
---- 2H, 2S, 3C: signoffs (2H is mild invite since can pass 1H)
-- Rest: as over 1C-1H in standard, but 1S, 1NT and 2C deny 3+Hs.

1H: any game force
--1S: waiting, less than 16
---- 1NT etc. natural, game force
--Rest: 16+, natural bidding

1S: natural, 4+Ss, may have longer minor

1NT: less than a game invite, no 4cM, natural

2C: 4+Cs, unbalanced if less than a game invite, no 4cM, less than a game force, not 6+Cs if game invite
-- Pass: 4+Cs (or 3Cs and 2Ds), would not accept game invite
-- 2D: less than 4Cs, at least 3Ds, 12-14 balanced.  2NT and 3D are natural, game invites.
-- 2H/S: value showing, forcing, would accept game invite
-- 2NT: 4Cs, 12-14 balanced, maximum
-- 3C: club fit, would accept game invite, non-forcing
-- 3D/H/S: shows singleton/void, club fit, forcing to 3NT or 4C
-- 3NT: 18-19 balanced - if a weak major prefer to bid 2H/S

2D: 6+Ds, no 4cM, less than a game invite

2NT: Game invite with no 4cM.  Prefer 2C if 4-5Cs and a weak side suit.

3C/D: 6+ minor, no 4cM, game invite


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