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Monday, September 08, 2008

Meckwell Lite - Trend or Fad for younger players?

Question asked of me: Is the growing use of Meckwell Lite amongst the younger players a trend or a fad?

In May I did an informal poll based on the increased use I saw of Meckwell Lite in the US Team Trials:

This discussion has a short description of MW Lite.

Imo, we are seeing a trend to MW Lite by the 18-30 players.  They like features such as:

- stealing with the 14-16 NT, especially when 13s are upgraded into the opening 
- jamming on the limited openings, especially bidding 1M-4M on a wide range of values
- opening all 11s (one of the Barry Crane rules for success)
- light responses possible since opener will not jump rebid without a fit and/or good playing values
- not having to add a zoo full of conventions to fix the problems of standard
- power auctions after the 1C opening and a 12+ response
- fast auctions on the bulk of the hands

One reason MW Lite appeals to the younger players is many of them also play online poker (often in tournaments that cost $5 to $30, low risk, high reward events), and they see the successful approaches of:
- bet first, with a raise, before the flop, representing values;
- bet first, if possible, after the flop, continuing to represent good hand, quite possibly improved by the flop (the "continuation bet");
- bet first often - if one rarely bets then when you do the players will often all fold, or have great hands if they stay in.

When they enjoy an active style in poker, as many young players do, then they often want an active bridge system: MW Lite is one of the systems that the ADD generation wants to play - not Attention Deficit Disorder but Action Demanding Dynamics - in other terms, MW Lite is a Frequently Fun approach.


  • At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would like to get "Meckwell Lite" system notes.
    Can you tell me where i can find them?
    Greetings: JN


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