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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reverse Flannery by Responder is where certain two-level jumps after a minor suit opening are used to show five or longer spades with four or longer hearts.

For example with five or longer spades and four or longer hearts, one can play 1D-2H and 1C-2D (or 1C-2H) as less than a game invite, and 1D-2S and 1C-2H (or 1C-2S) as game invite or close to it. With game forcing values, just start with 1S over the minor suit opening and use the bidding space to explore for best game or slam.

After Reverse Flannery by Responder, opener can:
- Jump to any game (3NT, 4H, 4S, 5C, 5D) to play there
- Ask for aces with 4NT
- Bid three of opener's minor to play there
- Bid four of either minor as natural and game forcing
- Pass to play there
- Bid two of a major or or bid 3H over 2S to play there (though if opener bids 3H over 2S, responder is allowed to bid again with maximum).
- Raise or jump in a major, if below game, to invite game.

Opener has two special bids available:

1) 2NT is forcing, and asks if responder has extra major length, or has three cards in opener's minor, or if minimum or maximum. Replies are like transfers, and are:

--- 3C: Minimum, exactly 5Ss & 4Hs, fewer than 3 in opener's minor. After this all three level bids are to play, and 4C/4D are forcing.
--- 3D: Transfer to Hs showing 5+Hs. If opener bids 3H, 3S, or 4 of opener's minor, responder passes if minimum.
--- 3H: Transfer to Ss showing 6+Ss, and exactly 4Hs. If opener bids 3S or 4 of opener's minor, responder passes if minimum.
--- 3S: "Transfer" - shows three or four cards in opener's minor suit. If opener bids 4 of opener's minor, responder passes if minimum.
--- 3NT: Maximum, exactly 5Ss & 4Hs, fewer than 3 in opener's minor.

2) Three of the new minor (the one opener did not open) is fourth suit game forcing - it is looking for a stopper in the new minor and/or extra major length - responder now makes a descriptive bid.


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