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Saturday, June 24, 2006

ETM Storm is now up.

The Storm, Express and Savage systems involve in some way the canape principle - opening the shorter of two suits first. Design started from this base:

2H/S: Fantoni/Nunes type 10-13 opening
1H/S: Either canape 11-15 or both majors or 13/14-15 too much values for 2H/S
1C: Big

However canape posed two problems:

1) First, 1H/1S can not handle 11-15 balanced in the major - too wide a range. Also 12-15 is a too wide range for 1NT opening, and 13-15 just does not seem to work. So the 1D opening has to handle some balanced hand types. If so, the best responding structure to 1D is having 1H or 1S show four or longer (if 1H/1S shows five, 1NT has to be bid on a lot of very not-like-notrump-hands). Then if 1D is handling some four card major hands, why consume both 1H and 1S for four card majors too?

2) It is very hard to develop a response structure to 1H or 1S could-be-canape without the use of a GI+ bid. ACBL GCC permits artificial GF bids, but not GI+ bids (however they are quite happy with GI- bids called 1NT forcing). Without a GI+ relay (I prefer 2C as this over 1H/1S, others like the 1NT bid), the response structures are poor.

ETM Storm represents a proposed approach around these issues which I will try over the next couple of years.


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