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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I recently received this question and here's my answer below.

Hope this does not sound offending because i am really curious and wish to know. Are your complex systems played by anyone and do you consider them playable, I mean by human beings with limited amount of memory cells. Do you ever play them ?

Yes, I played them but only in expert partnerships trying to compete at high levels. For example ETM Victory was the system we used when we and our teammates upset the 15th seed in the 2001 Spingold.

In recent years I have not had an expert partnership (my choice, playing bridge for fun, not seriously), playing almost always just with my wife, so ETM Gold has not been played. However when I return to an expert partnership, I intend to play the system.

The complex systems are playable by some but not a majority of bridge players. However players that compete at the national and international levels usually have the capability to play such complexities. Players that do not compete at these levels don't need a complex system to do well.

ETM Gold represents the last complex system I will develop for some long time. I did not develop it expecting anybody and everybody would use it (I generally assume chunks of a system will be used here and there, but not the whole system) - instead I did it so I would have a system that I loved ready to go when I resumed serious bridge play.

My bridge system work will now focus on:

- Easy and fun systems, the first which will be ETM Savage - I've worked on this for several months, but had to ditch some frameworks and approaches as the follow-ups became not easy and not fun.
- System "plug and play" components, which can be complex but are not whole systems
- Meta-agreements (e.g. all doubles are takeout unless discussed)


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