Thursday, October 27, 2005

Round 12: Mittelman takes an inference, Graves stays quiet

A very interesting tactical bidding hand was played in all events during Round 12. George Mittelman and Arno Hobart showed off their form on Board 12 against Guadeloupe.

N (Hobart) -> S: KQJxx H: Axxx D: - C: Txxx
E () -> S: x H: KQTxx D: xx C: J9xxx
S (Mittelman) -> S: AT98xx H: x D: KJ9x C: KQ
W () -> S: x H: J9x D: AQTxxxx C: A7

With NS vulnerable and West the dealer the bidding went:
1D - 1S - X - 4S -
5D - 5S - P - 6S -
all pass.

George 6S call was based on the inference that for partner to freely bid at the 5 level he must have good spades with possibly extra length as well as a diamond void and a side A to make the slam virtually cold.

In the other room the auction proceded the same up to 4S however at that point it went all pass as both Alan Graves in the West and Boris Baran in the East went quietly with their possibly biddable hands. The opponents thus rested in 4S for a well earned 13 imps to Canada as part of a 52-1 win over Guadeloupe.


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