Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day 5 The Crunch is Coming

Day 5 begins with a howling wind storm, 6 foot high surf and whipping rain. An omen of things to come for many of the teams in the event as the field starts to settle out.

In the Bermuda Bowl the favored Italians continue to show their form with a total of 238 VPs from 12 matches, averaging almost 20 VPs a match an amazing pace in such a field. Other favorites USA 1 and USA 2 (despite a 25-0 drubbing at the end of Day 3) remain solidly in contention while the surprising (to some) Argentines with the youngest player in the field remain solidly in a top qualifying spot, joined by the recently strong Egyptian squad. Brazil, Japan, Canada and China fill out the remainder of the qualifying spots with at least 5-6 teams including the always dangerous English, Netherlands and Sweden close behind.

In the Venice Cup, pre tournament predictions are beginning to be reflected in the standings with most of the pre-tournament favourites (China, France, USA 1, England, Germany, and USA 2) filling the top spots. Brazil and Canada (another favourite for technical and obvious sentimental reasons) fill the final 2 spots.

In the Senior Bowl, many familiar faces from previous Championships populate the leaderboard including teams from Indonesia, The Netherlands, USA 1, Poland France and Sweden. Israel and Denmark fill out the remainder of the qualifying spots with at least 6 teams within easy stricking distance including USA 2 and the Italians.

The host Portugese solidly in qualifying position in both the Bermuda and Senior bowls throughout the first 3 days had tough days and fell just out of qualifying position but all 3 teams are within striking distance of qualifying for the Knockout phase.

Previous experience with these types of Round Robin events on the WBF 25 point Victory Point scale have taught that around 1.2 VP or so above the 15 VP average per round will provides a solid target for securing qualification. With 22 teams in the round robin phases and thus 21 rounds that makes this weeks target about 335 VP (although lower totals have succeeded before). With 9 rounds to go the Seniors need 167 VP (or about 18.5) to reach the magic number; it will be challenging but is still well within reach.


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