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Friday, June 12, 2009


The Canadian Nisbet Team Championships (aka the Canadian Women's Team Championships) was won by the Nisbet Team:

Pamela Nisbet, Karen Cumpstone, Joan Eaton, Barbara Clinton, Kismet Fung, Susan Culham

Last year I wrote about how Pamela owns this event:

This year's team is a super strong six, and I have great hopes for their match against Mexico (July 10-12, in Mexico), and success in Brazil.

Speaking of previous winners of the team championship, we have two teams in the CNTC final littered with former champions:

1. John Carruthers, Joseph Silver, David Turner, Roy Hughes, Nader Hanna, Jim Green
2. Nicolas L'Ecuyer, Kamel Fergani, Darren Wolpert, Jurek Czyzowicz, David Grainger, Daniel Korbel

Even though the team rosters had Carruthers #1, and the other guys #2, I will pick the L'Ecuyer team to win the two day final – I was 3 for 4 in the quarters, and 2 for 2 in the semis, so just go to your local bookie, say you want to bet on the CNTCs, and he will say "what you mean, the Canadian Nisbet Team Championships are over!"


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