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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Twit for a day

The New Liskeard regional committee is having an emergency meeting as I blog this.

In the Stratiflighted (A/X/Z) pairs yesterday, after the first round in the evening a player twittered "I made 6S on board 18". Even worse the player was using software that automatically posted status updates to Facebook from twitter.

The next three rounds proceeded as expected, all three pairs making 6S, two just opening the bidding there, while the third pair, the "2unders", decided to test their system before landing there (for you system fans, the bidding was: 1D-1NT;-2D-2H;-3D-3H;-4C-4D;-4NT-5C;-5NT-6C;-6D-6H;-6S and neither player was sure of what the bids meant).

Meanwhile the popular BridgeBuoys blog examined the hand, and posted a rebuttal, noting the slam is down on the lead of the jack from KJ9 of diamonds.

Thus in the next round 6S went down, and the aggrieved pair called the TD, claiming misinformation: 6S was obviously not making. When their opponents mentioned the latest RSS feed, they were loudly accused of not pre-alerting the opponents to this. This immediately produced a "war of twits" about the issue, and things got so heated (i.e. tweated) that some team arrangements got cancelled.

Now all this is usual for a bridge tournament, but this time the TD was fed up! He called for everybody's attention, said that all the TDs were tired of being called to the table, and announced that starting tomorrow (today), TDs calls must be made with a twitter for "td pls". You can imagine the subsequent uproar on Facebook! Even the player stuck on Myspace got upset, and several others made lengthy pleads on YouTube, set to music of course. An email to Memphis got the opinion that if regionals just stuck with Bracketed KOs, the problem would not have arisen in the first place.

The regional committee is now in a bind: today they had planned to switch to the new TD app on the iphone (the one that uses the GPS to determine table location of the call, and not the one that turns the iphone into an orange card), but may have to delay it.


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    "all three pairs making 6S, two just opening the bidding there,"



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