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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Must Reads

It's not easy being a Weinstein playing in the US trials - Steve, Howard, or Jonathan. Jonathan is playing the 4th of 6 segments right now on the BBO vugraph, and he is listed as Howard as I type this (but has since been corrected).

Jonathan's blog is at:

Check out his older posts too, such as is posting that begins:

Have you noticed that your partners and opponents (not you, of course - you are a very sound bidder) seem to be more likely to have 14 hcp than 17 for a 15-17 notrump? …

Jonathan is a prof at the Kellogg School of Management (NorthWestern U) and one of the areas of his research is game theory. His bridge blog is not yet part of the Kellogg Faculty Blogs.

For the online vugraph, one of the best commentators is only 13: Adam Kaplan. He has quite the beer collection on his blog (no, not actual beer beers, but winning the last trick with the diamond seven). 2 of the 40 people who voted in the favorite system poll have voted for SAYC so older folks must read his blog too. Adam's blog is at:

Especially read the hand given in Palm Beach Gardens - Part 2.


  • At 10:30 AM, Blogger warren said…

    I suspect those SAYC adherents are probably more newcomers like me. Adam tends to be fairly active on the Beginner/Intermediate forum of the BridgeBase forums, though he's beyond B/I at this point.


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