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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spingold Day 7 - the winners are ?

With my 0 for 2 predictions yesterday, I will pick a team and you can expect the other one to win.

Welland vs Weed-Cayne. Weed-Cayne is up by +23 at the half, puts in Lauria-Versace and Fantoni-Nunes to seal the deal, and gets nailed in the second half for 34-75. That's 75 IMPs over 32 boards given up by the Italians, a whole bunch due to their unforced errors, but that 75 includes 9 IMPs for a penalty of walking out of the room unescorted and talking with a non-playing teammate - I don't know who did this.

Meltzer vs Gromov - Gromov gives up 136 IMPs, but Meltzer, who was playing well, gives up 148, including 104 on the first 32 boards.

Today's final:

Gromov (136, 97, 115, 112, 137)
Welland (95, 141, 120, 117, 168)

Gromov dropped more IMPs in the last match, but they were protecting a big lead.

We have:

4/4/4 Gromov-Dubinin
4/4/4 Balicki-Zmudzinski


4/4/3 Welland-Glubok
4/4/3 Garner-Weinstein
3/4/5 Cohen-Smith

I think this match hinges on Cohen-Smith against Gromov-Dubinin. If the cards work for being careful, then Cohen-Smith has the advantage, while if the cards work for bidding, then Gromov-Dubinin pick up the IMPs and the trophy.

My pick will be Gromov.

In the Swiss, who is coaching this team: Bob Hamman, Zia Mahmood, Richard Freeman, Eric Kokish and Melih Ozdil?


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