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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spingold Day 2 - the upsets will start

We didn't see top 18 upsets on day 1, but with a field this deep (where the 106 seed can almost upset #1) every day is danger day for the top 18.

Remember those dangerous teams in the 50s seeds? Today:

Sher team (with Marshall Miles) playing Ekeblad - Weichsel-Granovetter better get into top form quickly

Goren team (with the Blooms) playing Robinson - stand tall or fall time

Ladyzhensky (with Meckwell experts Johnson-Simson) playing von Arnim - immediate challenge to the Rosenbergs

Others to watch:
Ozdil against Phil Gordon (on Celebs poker home turf)
Hollman against Morse (upcoming details in the Korbels blog?
Nickell against something-to-write-about Rigal
Mahaffey against the all Canadian 4 Gartaganis


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