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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spingold Day 3 - We see who and what are in top form

High seeds dropped yesterday, as expected with such a deep field.

#4 Strul lost - one problem is if there is a bad session, their ability to produce a whole bunch of +IMPs out of nothing isn't there - Strul scored 106 IMPs in the match, to 149 by the #61 Konow team (one of teams we mentioned in the ratings)

#55 Goren beat #13 Robinson, one of the matches noted to watch in day 2. #20 Tuszynski, which has had good results in NABCs in the last few years, will need to be in top form against Goren today.

In another match we noted, #50 Ladyzhensky (with Meckwell experts Johnson-Simson) beat #15 von Arnim 141-123. (The bulletin didn't mention this seed drop).

In the Phil Gordon match, they were ahead but dropped 102-100 to #26 Ozdil.

Another match we noted, Ekeblad-Sher, wasn't close and team Ekeblad had different partnership configuration than I had thought - I'll update the ratings once I see them in action again.

#14 Onstott was knocked out by #60 Deschner, one of the matches I didn't note, as I still had no idea of the Onstott configuration - this match was close, 143-141

For day 3, we have 14 of the original top 18 left - who are at risk?

Given the high talent in the remaining field, they all are, except for the top 3: Nickell, Cayne (Weed), O'Rourke (sorry Justin)

#6 Schwartz against #27 Hollman is a typical upset pick - the Clerkins can make stuff happen, Hollman's Poles against Schwartz Poles results in a Pole dance, and Ferguson is superstar sharp.

Others: #12 Lynch is up against a solid squad in Beatty, #9 Ekeblad battles the Polish club of Diamond, and #5 Gromov has to face a dutch treatment of Ivatury - since Gromov won big yesterday, they seem to be in fine form.

Nice to see Graves and Carruthers on the winning Senior Swiss team, with Frobouck, Lair and Hamilton.


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