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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The ETM notrump structure is up at:

This project took about a year as a result of a number of revamps. For the longest while design was for either or both major suit transfers to handle game invite hands, freeing up 2C for signoff or game force work. This proved to be poor.

A switch to using 2C for almost all game invites, and thus having most other bids as signoffs or game forces worked great. This parallels 1XYZ (two-way new minor forcing) where 2C is either a D signoff or any invite, and 2D handles the game force. A closer version of 1XYZ is:

2C: D signoff or any invite
2D: signoff with both majors, 4 only in OM, or a game force
2H/S,3C: signoffs


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