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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Strong 2C structures was the topic of a recent thread on ( and playing in a regional over the long weekend brought back the thought and experience that space consuming positives are no fun. In particular I hate:

2NT as a positive balanced hand
3D as a positive with 5 or longer Ds

Here's a structure given as food for thought:

Positives: 2+ controls, at least two honors in the suit if positive shows a particular suit.

2D: Hand not appropriate for a positive. Now 2H is Kokish (showing Hs or GF balanced, responder bids 2S usually and then 2NT shows GF balanced, rest Hs), all others natural.

2H: Multi-Positive, either balanced, or with any 4-4-4-1, or with a minor suit and another suit.

2S: Positive 5+Hs. 2NT asks hand type, responder rebidding one under.

2NT: Positive 5+Ss. 3C asks hand type, responder rebidding one under. 3NT shows 5Ss and Cs and not much extras. With extras bid 4C or if 6+Ss, transfer to 3S first.

3C: Positive 6+Ds, usually no second suit.

3D: Positive 6+Cs, usually no second suit.

3H: Positive 6+Ss and almost solid suit.

3S: Positive with 6+ minor and almost solid suit.

After 2H multi-positive, opener rebids:

2S: 4+Ss, can be balanced or have longer minor. Now 3NT+ is natural with 4+S, 2NT and 3D natural, 3C with 4-4+ in minors, and 3H and 3S both with 5+Cs and 4Hs, 3S showing 3Ss also.

2NT: 4+Hs, can be balanced or have longer minor, not 4-4 exactly in majors. 3NT+ is natural with 4+Hs, 3D natural, 3C balanced or minors, and 3H and 3S both with 5+Cs and 4Ss, 3H showing 3Hs also. Over 3C, 3S is natural, 3D asks hand type, 3H showing balanced, 3S both minors no S stopper, and 3NT+ both minors and S stopper. 3H asks hand type with 5+Hs, 3S showing both minors and less than 3Hs, 3NT balanced or semi-balanced with less than 3Hs, 4X with fit or balanced and considerable extras.

3C/D: Natural without a 4 card major. Natural bidding now.

3H: Unbalanced with a good six card or longer H suit.

3S: Both minors, at least 5-5.

3NT: Flat minimum 2C opening hand without a four card major.

Also at the regional we had an opponent with 22+ marked on their cc for 2C, open with 15 HCP and long Ss. This happens a bunch in tournament play, so be aware not to assume anybody's 2C is rich in high cards.


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