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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kaplanville complete.

As can be seen by this set of blog entries, one purpose of this blog is to show some of the thinking and revisions that goes into design work.

Here's a Kaplanville summary:

Kaplanville is a structure that can be played after the 1H-1S like-a-forcing-notrump Kaplan Inversion/Granville. When using this, 1H-1NT is often used to show 5+Ss, forcing.

With Kaplanville, after 1H-1S, opener rebids:
- 1NT with up to 14, no five card or longer minor, and not 0-5-4-4, and not 4Ss.
- 2D with 4+Ss, using 3D to show game force with Ss.
- 2S with 4+Ss and a hand in between 2D and 3D - about 16/17-18 or 6-5+.
- 2H with 15-18 and fewer than 4+Ds, or 5-5+ with Cs and up to 17.
- 2C with 4+Ds, too good or too distributional for 1NT, or with 6+Hs.

Over 2C, responder with minimum takes preference to Ds or Hs or bids 3C with long suit and no D or H semi-fit. With 9/10+, responder often rebids 2NT or 3D, but can rebid 2S which shows own long suit. Over 2S opener bids 2NT if 6+Hs, allowing responder now to show minor suit and also H fit if holding one; without 6+Hs, opener bids 3C if 5-5+ in the reds and minimum, and bids above 3C show 15+ with Ds, establishing a game force.


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