Thursday, August 10, 2006

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Movies fail us when they become, or remain, unbelievable, yet many movies are littered with implausible actions that appear ridiculous to the viewer. This is bad business: critics will pan the movie, and viewers will not recommend these movies to others, so word-of-mouth marketing will not take place, and even DVD sales will be poor.

One such failure was the "The Island". First I should note that the title is all wrong from a marketing standpoint, and I'm surprised focus group testing did not bring this out (first question to ask: "would you want to see a movie call the Island?"). Second, without giving away the plot, there is an action scene that involves a transport truck with large objects falling of it, vehicles skirting back and forward of it, and many terrific accidents happening just behind it. Of course the truck driver seems blissfully unaware of losing his truck load or anything else happening around him and continues on his way. This is just one of many holes in the plot that one can, well, drive a truck through.

Movie: The Island

Btw the camera work and FX of the movie were enjoyable, so it makes a nice diversion, much like the ridiculous, implausible, and well-made "National Treasure" does too.

Trying for the most ridiculous is:

Alone in the Dark

Theatre goers who saw this silly thing must have been alone in the dark.

The movie "Head in the Clouds" has two of the most beautiful actresses of our time, and a historical plot to boot:

Movie: Head in the Clouds

Here is Stuart Townsend having a tough day on the set:

Stuart with co-stars

Sadly this melodrama contains some ridiculous and implausible actions near the end (which I will not reveal since they are plot spoilers) that, imo, ruin the movie. This movie had a chance to do very well if they had gotten the ending right. C'est dommage.


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