Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Dixie Chicks sales slump of their latest CD has been blamed on reaction to anti-Bush comments. However expect to also see a slump in Canada, which is hardly pro-Bush country. The reason is because the CD is annoyingly bland, and the few bright spots, such as the title track Take the Wrong Way, and another track, Not Ready to Make Nice Music, have a heard-it-all-before feel.

Sarah Dunant is said to have edited two books of essays. Since there are few writers of her skill, it would be best to leave this editing work to others. If the film business ever goes with 3D films en masse, as James Cameron has suggested, the Birth of Venus would be pure wonder in that format. Okay, we are never going to get that, but instead just a whole bunch of 3D Zombies and a whole slew of 3D remakes, but one can still dream in Florence colour.


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