Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TV Shows:

Sopranos - so good, its not a "TV show" - great acting, photography, scripts, music, sets, costumes, etc. A show that deters organized crime by showing what a terrible job choice it is. Sadly after this and Band of Brothers and Six Feet Under, HBO has sunk to Deadwood (well made, but we are being fed beans compared to steak), and Rome (very uneven, and frustrating since could have seized the day).

Grey's Anatomy - great cast, sparkling writing that takes chances.

Conviction - broken out of the Law & Order cookie cutter, another great cast (except Stephanie March who's beauty is not enough to hold a scene). Clearly attempting to combine a Grey's Anatomy approach with Law & Order (young doctors = young lawyers), it is working.

Desperate Housewives - fast becoming just another trite sitcom, but no laugh track yet thank goodness, it still manages flashes of cleverness in between the lingerie shots during ratings periods.

House - "He couldn't keep his tick in his pants" they have him saying. Can't take this show too seriously but can take watching it all the time.


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