Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day - 4, Momentum with the Open Team, Women Maintain their Position

A great day for the Canadian Open Team moving up from 11th to an eigth place qualifying position. The Women's team maintained their "photo" for the eighth and final qualifying position while the Senior's had a tough day and fell back.

There is still a lot of bridge to go with just over half the event completed. With the Open and Women's teams firing on all cylinders it should be an exciting drive to the finish. The Senior Team has been in these spots before (Anyone remember 74/75 VPs in Halifax to qualify by 1...) and still has lots of time to make up the required ground.

The Open Team played tight against some the very tough Russian and Brazilian teams beating them in tightly fought low scoring matches, while saving their best for a strong finish in the final match of the day.


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