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Thursday, October 02, 2008

World Open Teams

Here are my picks (aka guesses) for the World Open Teams, starting on Saturday.  The "Alternate" selection is the team I think in the group that will best challenge the top 4 for a qualifying spot.

Group A *
#1 Italy
2-4 South Africa, France, Denmark
Alternate: Ireland
Out: Albania, Brazil, China Macau, Estonia, Finland, Kenya, Japan, Pakistan, Romania, Slovakia, Trinidad

Group B
#1 Netherlands
2-4 Russia, Sweden, China
Alternate: Argentina
Out: Austria, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Jamaica, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Portugal, San Marino, Scotland

Group C
#1 Norway
2-4 Egypt, Poland, Bulgaria
Alternate: Iceland
Out: Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Bosnia, Chile, Chinese Taipei, Georgia, Monaco, New Zealand, Spain, Ukraine

Group D
#1 USA
2-4 Germany, England, Australia
Alternate: Turkey
Out: Belarus, Botswania, Greece, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Philippines, Reunion, Serbia, Switzerland, Thailand, Venezuela

* Group A does not include Canada in this post, as it is impossible for me to objectively rate the team's chances - ideally they win the gold medal - I really would like Canada to also win the gold in the Womens and Seniors events - best wishes to all teams!


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