Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Goldfrapp's SuperNature is the best dance CD in a long time. See the metacritic site for a whole bunch of reviews:

Love this quote from the playlouder review: "It rips Georgio Moroder out of the underlit disco floor environment and drops him through the ceiling of a French cyborg bordello".

Some reviews reference Marc Bolan in track Ride a White Horse (which could become a chart topper), but there is some Bolan backing as well in Ooh La La. The only problem with listening to this CD so much is it could be all back on the radio over the next year or two.

We watched the "director's cut" of Kingdom of Heaven without having seen the 2/3 film released in theatres. Love Ridley Scott's work on this. There was no problem whatsoever with the pacing. Of course, cavalry charges have not enough lance work and too much sword waving, and infantry seem to ditch their spears (used as pikes) before fighting, but all directors have always loved sword play.

The spreadsheets that run much of the film business made a big mistake, both artistically and financially, releasing the chopped version in theatres. The full film is an epic, and the story arcs need time to unwind with emotional connection. One wonders if the spreadsheets had tried the full version in test runs, or whether they just stuck with a time target for the theatre release. If you hire Ridley Scott to do a film, don't just pick up 2/3 of his work.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We are proud parents as our eldest had her first win in a debating tournament - we can't argue with success!