Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Web 2.0 Inclusion, Web 3.0 Every{what/where/way}

In Web 2.0, we saw the move to "Internet as platform", and pervasive user collaboration, including social-networking sites, wikis ( , and blogs like this.

There continues to be discussion of what will Web 3.0 be - for example see the limited view of:

My opinion is that Web 3.0 is Every{what/where/way}:

- On a wide variety of electronic devices (PCs, notebooks, PDAs, phones, watches, cameras, TVs, etc.)
- Has everything worth knowing: wiki-maxed

- On every electronic device of $100 or more
- Available anywhere there are a few people or more

- On a wide variety of electronic devices in various forms
- In a wide variety of formats, with many customable views - networked, filtered, visual

Web 3.0 = Every{www} for everyday


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