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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mexico - World Championships System Review

There is little information on the methods of the Mexico team, even this close to the event. There is one cc, with almost no detail. This team will not be added to the system totals.

This posting will be updated if new information is obtained.

Summary: unknown/many years of world class experience

Approach: Standard

1C: 11+ points, hand types undefined
1D: 11+ points, hand types undefined
1M: 11+ points, hand types undefined
1NT: 15-17
2C: Strong: undefined (likely 22+ Bal or strong unbal)
2D: Weak
2M: Weak
2NT: 20-21
1NT Overcall: undefined
Jump Overcalls: undefined
Cues: undefined
1X Relays/1C Transfers/Gazzilli: undefined

Watch for: a cc at the playing site

Other team members on


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