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Monday, December 17, 2007

ETM Spry is now up:

A sister of ETM Storm, the framework is:

1C is 15+, but 18+ if 5+Hs (if 5+Ss too then 15+)
1D is 10-14 with 4Ss
1H is 10-17, either 10-14 with 4H, or 14-17 with 5+Hs, or 10-11 5Hs flat without 4Ss
1S is 10-14 with 5+Ss
1NT is (11) 12-14 balanced, can have 5Hs, but not 5Ss
2C and 2D show a 5 or longer minor, no four card major, 10-14
2H is 10-13 with 5+Hs but not 4+Ss
2S is 5-9 with 5+Ss
2NT is 20-21 balanced

The plug n' play systems all feature a variety of major suit raise structures and other innovative approaches (e.g. 1M-2m in Spry). Look them over to see if you like anything for your own systems - feel free to borrow and modify ideas.

This is my last plug n' play system for a while - the next project is a detailed midchart big heart system - this will take months.


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