World Bridge Championship 2005 Photos – Recently Add


On this page we will show photos received from Canadian Team members in Portugal for the championships. 


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Zia talks with Eric Kokish – in the foreground is Sam Lev



USA 2 Open Team compares



USA 2 Open team continues to compare



Mark Molson



Bobby Levin talks with partner Steve Weinstein



Joey Silver



Eric Kokish



Benito Garozzo



Jill Levin



Ron Smith, Kokish, Silver, Molson, Milner



Nader Hanna



“Pepsi” – Jacek Pszczola



Barry Rigal



John Gowdy, Captain of Canada’s Venice Cup team



Barb Clinton of Canada’s Venice Cup team



Joan Eaton of Canada’s Venice Cup team



Dianna Gordon of Canada’s Venice Cup team



Francine Cimon of Canada’s Venice Cup team



Linda Lee of Canada’s Venice Cup team



Bev Kraft of Canada’s Venice Cup team




Arno Hobart of the Canada’s Open team, with Baze and Graves behind him



Retek/Deri team – Eva, George, Mari, and Tom



Playing Site



Getting ready to play


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Victoria Bridge Club sends best wishes



George Laing of the Monterey Bridge Club wishes the teams well on behalf of all club members


If you have helped the Canadian teams, please send your photos to, so we can put them here