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Noberto Bocchi and Alfredo Versace are two well known players on the Italian team. Here Michael Moss is reminding Alfredo to expect him again in the finals Moss had faced the Jacob team with the Italians last year in the final.


Alfredo Versace has a partnership with Lorenzo Lauria (left), considered by some to be the top partnership in the world.


Here the Italians get ready to play the Scandinavian team in the Spingold semifinal. The room is set up with lighting and small cameras for the Vugraph show, and the screen so each partner can not see the other during the bidding and play. The far player is the Swede Magnus Eriksson and his partner, back to the camera, is Ulf Nilsson.


Lorenzo peers through the gap in the screen to talk about the opponents bidding methods with Alfredo before the match starts.


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