Useful Jump Shifts and Invitational Jump Shifts


ETM defines the “useful” range from constructive to limit, approximately 8 to 11 or so.  ETM recommends playing jump shifts opposite an opening bid as useful if at the two level, and game invitational (GI) at the three level.  These jump shifts show a decent six card or longer suit and are, of course, non-forcing.

[UJS – Useful Jump Shifts]

2X/1m:       Six card or longer suit, useful values (decent constructive to GI), NF.

2S/1H:        Six card or longer suit, useful values (decent constructive to GI), NF.

3C/1D:        Six card or longer suit, invitational values, NF.

3m/1M:       Six card or longer suit, invitational values, NF.

3H/1S:        Six card or longer suit, invitational values, NF.


Example UJS Hands:

a)       Minimum hand, must have good suit. 

S AKJ854

H 87

D 65

C 432


b)       Maximum game invitational hand

S AQT854

H A7

D J5

C 432


c)       In between hand.

S KQJ854

H K7

D J5

C 432

[Responding to UJS]

All opener’s rebids F to 3X, but can pass responder’s rebids.

1m-2X;2NT asks and is forcing to any bid in X or game.  Over 2NT, responder rebids shortness, or with no shortness 3X to show minimum or 3NT to show maximum.  After responder’s rebid, a new suit by opener not including 4C shows values/length and a fit for X.

4C immediately over the UJS, or after the 2NT ask, is RKCB for responder’s suit.


Example bidding:

1C-2D(UJS);2NT(asks)-3H(short Hs);4D(NF)-5D(extras).

1D-2H(UJS);2NT(asks)-3D(short Ds);3S(fit for Hs, spade values/length)-3NT(descriptive)

1C-2S;2NT(asks)-3S(minimum UJS, no shortness);4C(RKCB for Ss).

1C-2S;2NT(asks)-3H(short Hs);3S(NF, 3X is only NF rebid).

[Invitational Jump Shift to 3 level]

1D-3C is an invitational jump shift with 6 or longer C suit.  The invitational is either based on values or longer Cs.  Over this bid, both 3D and new suits are forcing, 3NT is to play, 4D is RKCB for Cs.

[Invitational Jump Shift by ph]
By ph 2X/1m shows good 5+ suit & GI values.  2NT is Lebenshol to get out.

By passed hand, 2X over 1m shows a GI & good 5+ suit (often just five) since no weak two opening. 

All suit bids are now forcing.  To signoff at the three level, opener can use 2NT as Lebenshol here.  If the opening is a 1C opening, responder will bid 3C over 2NT unless holding 6 or longer in M (then 3M).  If the opening is a 1D, responder will bid 3D over 2NT if does not prefer Cs to Ds, 3C if Cs preferable to Ds, or could bid 3M with six.  Example: Pass-1D-Pass-2H;Pass-2NT(Lebenshol)-Pass-3C(asked for, not D fit or would have bid 3D instead)-All Pass

[ETM Double Jump Shifts]

After a major suit opening, ETM uses double jump shifts for major suit raises (see detailed notes of various systems).  After a minor suit opening, ETM recommends that a double jump shift in a major by an unpassed hand show a GI hand based on a long suit, not on aces, kings, and queens.


3M/1m:       Seven card or longer suit, invitational values based on suit, NF.


Example Hands:

a)       Minimum hand 

S KJ85432

H 87

D 65

C 43


b)       Typical

S KQT8543

H 74

D J5

C 43


For minor suit openings, ETM recommends playing 1C-3D and 1D-4C by an unpassed hand, and all double jump shifts by passed hands, as fit showing jump shifts.