The “Everything That Matters” (ETM) Switch Signal


[ETM Switch Signal - Overview]


The ETM Switch Signal is used when following suit to a suit declarer has played first, from hand or dummy.  It is similar to the ‘Reverse Smith’, though can be used against suit or notrump contracts, and includes the trump suit.  It is used in combination with upside-down carding.



[ETM Switch Signal - Details]


Three Cases:


1)       When following to opponents suit where count is not important – use Switch signal


High not including useful honor = switch recommended - shows a concentration of values in a suit.

Low = neutral.

If High first, next spot card is suit preference if possible.

If Low first, next card is Highest Spot Card Left to ask for suit led, up-the-line to continue to be neutral.


2)       In count situations:

From even play low, then next card play high if like suit led, otherwise up-the-line.

From odd play high, then next card to indicate best suit preference.


3)       In situations where count or switch signal is uncertain:

If an even number play low, then either next lowest to remain neutral or high to encourage suit led.

If an odd number and want a switch, play highest, then show suit preference.

If an odd number but do not want a switch, play middle then on next card play lower if count still important, and higher if count was not important.