Mini-Fit Jumps


After our minor suit opening or 1D overcall, a jump by responder/advancer to two of a new suit shows five or longer in the suit bid, at least three in partner’s minor, and is not forcing.  After a minor suit opener it promises enough for opener to invite notrump with 18-19 balanced, thus at least 6 HCP or a shapely hand that can retreat to 3C or 3 of the bid suit.  The jump shift is to be passed by any minimum balanced hand without a good fit. 


The high frequency mini-fit bid works because there will be some sort of fit for the partnership in one of the suits shown, while it blocks the opponents from defining their fit and strength at a low level.  It can produce some dramatic results, with double game swings possible.


Over the jump shift opener/overcaller can:

-          Force by bidding a new suit, quasi-natural, to find out more information,

-          Invite game by bidding 2NT (NF) or raising partner’s suit,

-          Signoff in 3 of the minor or bid 3NT or game in either player’s suit to play,

-          Jump in a new suit to splinter and make a slam try.

-          If the opponents bid on, double or redouble by either player suggests the opponents are in trouble.



1C-1H-2S:                      5+Ss, 3+Cs, NF, about 5/6 to 10 HCP.  2NT now would be invite with 17-19 balanced.

1D-Double-2H:             5+Hs, 3+Ds, NF, up to 10 HCP.  2NT now would invite perhaps 4-4-4-1.

1C(them)-1D-1H-2S:     5+S, 3+Ds, NF, up to 10/11 HCP.

1D-1H-2S-4H-4S:          Possible double game swing.

1C-Double-2D:              5+Ds, 3+Cs, NF, about 5/6 to 10 HCP.

1D-1S-2H-Double-3D: Fit is in Ds, not Hs.


(c) 2001, 2008 Glen Ashton BridgeMatters