Open Team Profile: Joey Silver



A successful criminal lawyer and chief partner in his own law firm, Joey has

been keeping his clients out of jail for more than three decades, thus

making the streets of Montreal less safe than they might otherwise have

been. He was recently reunited with ex-girlfriend Muriel Dalphond after a

hiatus of 40 years.


Joey has had numerous bridge successes in a long career:

- 5 Canadian National Team Championships

- 6 NABCs

- 1 gold medal in the IOC Cup

- 1 Epson Teams Championship (Japan)

- a 1995 Bermuda Bowl silver medal.


These days, Joey spends more time playing online poker than he does in his

law office, which is good news for the well-being of the citizenry of

Montreal. He would rather win the World Series of Poker than the Bermuda

Bowl (the $7.5 Million first prize money has nothing to do with it!).